• 5 Easy Steps to Find your Inner Peace this Fall

    September 19, 2018 | Julie Moore
  • The Fall Equinox. For a brief moment the Earth is in balance. In this instance when day equals night, we mark the end of summer and the formal shift into fall.

    For the last few weeks we could already feel the transition. The kids went back to school. The office felt crowded as everyone returned from summer vacations. There’s a different energy around us as we aim to set things back in order after the carefree days of summer.

    In Chinese Medicine, we mark this summer-into-fall transition as the season of the Earth Element. Earth is considered to be the great equalizer, a time when the glory of summer still surrounds us in the form of sweet fruits and warm temperatures. But there is a sense that change is coming as the daylight passes more quickly and we grab a sweater for those occasional brisk days or nights.

    While it can be difficult to transition from the spontaneity of summer, there is much to celebrate about this late summer season. It is the Earth that offers us grounding and the sense of place. The Earth provides stability, balance, and nourishment to our root system so that we may survive the winter ahead. From this solid ground, we draw comfort, centering, and connectedness.

    As you pass through this Fall Equinox, here are 5 ways to maximize the balance and grounding of the Earth season.

    1. Find what grounds you. And do more of it! Whether it’s hiking through the woods, playing music, cooking for friends, meditating, or something else. Making time for this activity will leave you feeling more centered and fulfilled.
    2. Cultivate a home. Identify what makes you feel peaceful and content in your home and enjoy it. If it’s not there, create it. Setup a reading nook. Fill a shelf with pictures of family and friends. Paint a room. 
    3. Nourish yourself. What you eat and how you eat are both important elements to feeling centered; after all, the stomach is at the center of your body. Choose fresh whole foods that are locally grown. Eat slowly. Eat in a peaceful place. Savor each bite.
    4. Take care of yourself. This is a great time to nurture yourself by re-energizing your self-care routine. Schedule an acupuncture appointment. See your dermatologist. Hit the yoga studio. Sign up for a creative writing class.
    5. Be kind to others. Simple acts of kindness create connectedness for ourselves and others. Say thank you. Greet others with a smile. Visit an elderly neighbor. Deliver dinner to a busy friend.

    Enjoy the balance and abundance of this Earth season!

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    Julie Moore is an NCCAOM Board Certified Acupuncturist and the founder of Windrose Acupuncture. Influenced by her studies in both the US and South Korea, Julie’s effective use of Acupuncture and other Asian Medicine therapies enables patients to overcome physical and emotional barriers to achieve wellness and balance in their lives.