• Corporate Wellness

  • Windrose Wellness Break

    Our Windrose Wellness Break is an on-site corporate wellness program that offers acupuncture to your staff and team members. Acupuncture promotes workplace success and boosts employee energy and mental clarity. It is a safe, effective therapy for common workplace concerns such as:

    • Stress
    • Back/neck pain
    • Headaches/migraines
    • Eye strain
    • Fatigue
    • Lack of focus

    How it works
    Team members will sign up for time slots and meet in the conference room or office space designated for the acupuncture treatments.  Each participant will complete a personal information intake form sharing their chief complaint or wellness priority. After a brief 1:1 consultation, Julie will prepare a treatment plan and place the needles. Acupuncture is performed on the ear, head, hands, wrists, and arms below the elbows. Needles may also be placed on the feet, ankles, and legs below the knees. Each person will sit with the needles for about 20 minutes. From start to finish, one acupuncture treatment lasts 30-35 minutes.

    A minimum of 6 employees is required to host an on-site Windrose Wellness Break. For acupuncture to be most effective, it is recommended that companies schedule weekly or bi-weekly Windrose Wellness Break sessions for their employees.

    Benefits for your company
    Corporate wellness programs inspire employees to be more active and make healthier choices. According to health.gov,

    1. Healthy, active employees incur lower health costs and take fewer sick days.
    2. Employees who take advantage of wellness programs are more productive.
    3. Physically active employees are healthier.
    4. Business owners may be able to take advantage of tax incentives for workplace wellness programs.

    Let's get started
    Whether you have an employee wellness program or want to start one, let’s talk. From weekly onsite acupuncture during lunch hours, ‘Wellness Wednesdays’, adding this program to your company retreats, we’d love to help you design the perfect Windrose Wellness Break to benefit your team. Contact us today.

    Click here for Windrose Wellness Break FAQs.