• Windrose Wellness FAQs

  • How many people can you treat?
    A minimum of 6 employees is required to host an on-site Windrose Wellness Break.

    What is the process?
    Each team member will complete a personal information intake form sharing their chief complaint or wellness priority. After a brief 1:1 consultation, Julie will prepare a personal treatment plan and place the needles. This will take about 10 minutes. Each person will sit with the needles will for about 20 minutes. From start to finish, one acupuncture treatment lasts 30-35 minutes.

    What kind of space is needed?
    Companies are asked to designate conference room or large office space and comfortable chairs for at least 4 people. Participants are welcome to bring yoga mats and bolsters if lying on the floor for 20 minutes is more comfortable.

    Can team members talk during treatments?
    This is a therapeutic space. Therefore, we ask participants to remain as quiet as possible.

    What should team members wear?
    Participants should dress in loose comfortable clothing that allows access to hands, wrists, and arms below the elbows. Julie also uses points on the ears, head, and possibly the face.