• Cupping and Gua sha

  • Cupping and gua sha are two treatment modalities that stimulate blood flow and move qi. Both are highly effective methods to remove stagnation, extract toxins, reduce chronic inflammation, and increase immune response. Cupping or gua sha on the upper back is a powerful treatment for the common cold. These are also frequently used techniques to treat headaches, muscle pain, and inflammation.

    What can I expect during treatment?
    During cupping, glass or plastic cups are placed onto an area of the body to stimulate blood flow in that area and remove toxins. Suction is used to hold the cups in place for several minutes.

  • During gua sha, a tool is used to scrape an area of the body where stagnation or toxins exist. Firm, repetitive strokes are used to break up tough knots or problem areas in the fascia. Once those areas of tightness are relaxed, qi and blood can, once again, move freely and nourish that area.