• Flashback to the 1936 Olympics: Twenty-one-year-old Pennsylvanian John Woodruff is competing in the 800m dash. Although relatively inexperienced, he is favored to win. He has a plan: follow the pace of the more experienced runners, make a break late in the race, sprint to the finish line…and win gold!

    The race starts clean and Woodruff positions himself as planned. When it’s time to make his move, he realizes he’s trapped on the inside. He is surrounded by the runners ahead and beside him. Any attempt at a move to the outside could result in a foul and disqualification…and losing the gold. He’s boxed in! What can he do?

    Woodruff may have been inexperienced but he was a quick thinker. And he decided to do the unimaginable. He stopped. Stopped! In the middle of an Olympic final. The other runners continued on without him. Having fallen behind the pack, Woodruff now had a clear view of the situation. He assessed the field and saw his path forward. He started running again. Amazingly, he caught the field and took the lead to win the race. And the gold medal!

    Just imagine what was going through Woodruff’s mind. He knew he was capable of winning, but his plan wasn’t working. Rather than give up on his dream, he had the courage to do something unthinkable: he stopped. He made a new plan and started again. And it worked!

    For most of us the last few months have presented new challenges as we venture back out into public places, social engagements, and workplaces. Perhaps for some it has been no big deal. But for others, we might have quickly realized that the changes in our perspective and the shifts in our priorities have affected us in ways we had not anticipated. If you’re feeling ‘boxed in’ by pressures to return to pre-pandemic ‘normal’, stop. Take the time to reassess your needs, your priorities, your current goals. Find a path forward that’s right for you. Then start again. (And repeat this as often as you need to!)

    Did you know acupuncture can help ease the aches and pains brought on by physical activity? You don’t have to be an olympic athlete to experience the benefits of acupuncture. I use a combination of acupuncture, cupping, e-stim, and guasha to help my patients recover and perform at their best. To experience the healing benefits of acupuncture, book your appointment today.