• Medical Arts Building COVID-19 Response 05/18/2020

    May 21, 2020 | Julie Moore
  • Subject: ASI Management memo to tenants/ COVID-19 Recovery and Response UPDATE
    Date: May 18, 2020 at 16:34:52 EDT

    Dear Tenants and employees, 

    The health and safety of our tenants and employees is our number one priority. As the COVID-19 pandemic stabilizes over the coming weeks, organizations will prepare to bring their staff back into the workplace. ASI Management is implementing the following safety plans and protocol to help protect our tenants, staff, facility, and guests: 

    • Installation of hand sanitizing station in the main lobby
    • Ongoing cleaning and sanitation of common areas: elevators, kiosks, bathrooms, entrances, exits and door handles.
    • Building, cleaning staff, and vendors will be required to wear facemasks while on premises.
    • Install floor decals and/or signage to promote social distancing 
    • All ASI employees will complete a medical questionnaire and have their temperature checked before returning to their new or previous assignments
    • All employees will be trained and informed on proper PPE guidelines. This will always include wearing masks and gloves, proper hand sanitation (wash hands soap and water for at least 20 seconds), and avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth. 
    • Cleaners will use the CDC approved disinfectant, 3M-5A in all areas, allowing it to stand for contact time (dwell time) as listed in the directions on the label
    • The daily cleaning and disinfection of all contact surfaces cannot be overemphasized, so for this reason we will be introducing and maintaining an advanced cleaning and disinfecting standard. This will cover our routine   cleaning and the disinfecting of high touch space and surfaces per health authority guidelines 
    • If someone is uncomfortable being in the bathroom with another person, they can put an ‘Occupied’ sign on the door and remove it when they leave. 

    In addition to the regularly scheduled service and maintenance of the HVAC systems we are taking additional measures which include:  

    • Thorough cleaning of heating and cooling systems and their components.
    • Increase the building’s fresh air intake.
    • Increase service and replacements of air and filters.

    We are asking our tenants to take the below measures: 

    • It is mandatory for all staff and guests to wear facemasks in common areas. 
    • Do not overcrowd elevators. 
    • Limit visitor and guests to appointment only. Guests will not be permitted to wait in the lobby or common hallways. 
    • Social distance when possible by maintaining 6 feet away from other. 

    Together we can help reduce the risk of infection and we thank you in advance for your corporation.