• Alleviating Back Pain with Acupuncture

    September 25, 2019 | Julie Moore
  • Meet Bari. She suffered with intense back pain and was eagerly seeking a solution that would alleviate her discomfort. Despite trying a variety of treatment options, nothing seemed to help…until she tried acupuncture. Read on to hear her story and find out how Windrose Acupuncture has helped her back pain disappear.

    What made you try acupuncture?
    I have three herniated discs in my lower back. I went to physical therapy and had two injections but felt no relief at all. I did some research and saw that acupuncture was another option, which led me to Windrose Acupuncture.

    How did Julie help you?
    Instead of just doing acupuncture on my back, she informed me of other treatment options that would also help alleviate the pain in my back. With the mixture of acupuncture, gua sha and cupping I have seen a huge improvement in the way I feel! 

    Why did you choose Windrose Acupuncture?
    I just moved into the city from the suburbs so I started looking online and reading reviews of people and places that provide acupuncture. Julie, by far, had the best reviews of anyone I came across. She was the only place I tried in the city and I’m very happy about it! 

    What would you tell others thinking about trying Windrose Acupuncture?
    I have already recommended Windrose Acupuncture to friends and will continue to do so!!

    Pain and inflammation are the body’s way of sending a signal to us that something is wrong or out of balance. Acupuncture and other Asian medicine treatments are effective, natural ways to treat pain without the side effects of medications and surgery. If you’re suffering from pain, don’t wait. Come talk with us to see if acupuncture could provide the relief you need.