• Windrose Acupuncture helps Adam manage stress

    May 29, 2019 | Julie Moore
  • Meet Adam, Windrose Acupuncture patient. He’s a busy Philadelphia professional with a demanding job and needed some balance and wellness in his day-to-day life. Read on to hear his perspective of his first time trying acupuncture and how it’s impacted his life.

    What brought you to Windrose Acupuncture?
    Stress management. I have a very stressful professional life.

    Why did you choose Windrose Acupuncture?
    As someone who works in Center City, Philadelphia, Windrose Acupuncture’s location is very convenient for me. I can easily get there from work.

    How did Julie alleviate/help/solve your problem?
    First, Julie met with me and diagnosed my issues. She then put together a treatment plan tailored to my needs and provided treatments.

    What did you particularly like about Julie’s approach?
    Julie really takes her time and wants to know your issues before putting together a treatment plan. She also has a very calming character.

    What would you tell someone considering Windrose Acupuncture?
    I would definitely recommend Windrose Acupuncture. I’ve already brought my wife for treatments and also advised my colleagues to give it a try.