• There’s more to the needle than meets the eye…

    January 21, 2019 | Jill Margraff
  • Thoughts from Saundra, Windrose Acupuncture Patient

    When you hear the word acupuncture…who of us has not thought, why in the world would I voluntarily have needles stuck in my body???

    But don’t be afraid, my friends. When we talk about needles, most of us think about getting a shot or getting your blood taken. But IT IS NOT THAT! AT ALL!

    Was I skeptical? Of course! But I also really wanted help to manage my anxiety and depression. So, I gave it a try!

    I began my acupuncture treatment as a supplement to regular therapy for anxiety and depression. I can truly attest to the feelings of wellness after my treatments with Julie.  I go on a weekly basis, and if I have to skip a week, I miss it. I can feel it in my body. 

    Acupuncture helps me to feel more present in my daily life. It helps me to stay grounded. 

    And I’ve even experienced additional, unexpected improvements because of it. For example, my GI issues have improved and everything is moving more smoothly.

    My favorite thing about Windrose Acupuncture is Julie’s calming personality and that she wants to know you. You really feel like she listens and wants to help. Julie is so gentle and calming - you are relaxed before she even begins your treatment.

    Sound good? Don’t we all have enough stress in our lives? Don’t we deserve to give ourselves 30-45 minutes of peace? You can go on your lunch break and not be a sweaty mess when you are finished.

    Acupuncture can truly give you the mind and body acceptance you deserve. Whether you have worked out endlessly at the gym or obsessed over your appearance before a big event, you deserve to let go of those negative feelings and find some peace.

    If you’ve never tried acupuncture and have only thought about it as getting stuck with needles, I highly recommend you talk to Julie about your concerns and questions. Her calming demeanor will help you feel at ease, and your body and mind will thank you for it.