• Savoring the ‘great fullness’ of the season

    November 19, 2018 | Julie Moore
  • Thanksgiving bubbles up when we’re so filled with a sense of gratefulness — that great fullness — that we overflow into finding ways to express thanks aloud and in actions, such as delivering praise or being of service.’ —Kristi Nelson    

    I love this explanation of thanksgiving (little ’t’). At the Thanksgiving (big ’T’) table each year we have a tradition. Perhaps you have a similar one: tell us one thing you are especially grateful for this year. The answers sometimes make me laugh, sometimes pull at my heart strings, and always open my eyes to how much goodness surrounds me.

    This year I have a new source of gratitude in my life:  one year ago, just before Thanksgiving, I officially opened the doors to Windrose Acupuncture in Center City. In 2013, from the minute in I committed to a new career in acupuncture, I had a dream of opening my own practice in Center City, Philadelphia. In that dream I wanted to help working professionals, like my former self, achieve balance and wellness in their busy lives. And now, I’m doing it!

    To have this dream become a reality definitely causes the thanksgiving in me to bubble up! Each day I am inspired by the courage, strength, and determination of you, my patients, and I am grateful to work with you in a deep and personal way. And each day I am humbled by, and grateful for, the support of my family and friends who cheer for me when I hit meaningful goals and encourage me when I am overwhelmed.

    So, this year, as we gather around the bountiful Thanksgiving table, I cannot wait for my turn to express how my ‘great fullness’ is truly overflowing!

    Happy Thanksgiving!