• In a rush? Philly acupuncturist offers ‘on-the-go’ treatment.

    July 25, 2018 | Julie Moore
  • Julie Moore spent more than two decades managing IT teams in the corporate world – a stressful job that often left her battling migraines.

    Eventually, Moore turned to acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medicine that has risen in popularity in the United States. Read more...

    I am delighted that Windrose Acupuncture was recently featured in the Health News section at PhillyVoice.com. If acupuncture is already part of your regular wellness plan, you know it is effective for maintaining balance and combatting pain and illness. And it works without the side effects of medications.

    If acupuncture is not currently part of your routine, I encourage you to make an appointment today. Acupuncture effectively treats the following health conditions…and many more.